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Tsunami Water Screens
Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's:

Q: How does a Tsunami Water Screen work?
A: It's a video waterfall! The Tsunami Water Screen uses specially designed nozzles to generate a falling matrix of tiny water droplets, creating a flowing droplet plane for images to be projected through. This free-flowing wall of water creates a unique and eye-catching surface for imagery.

Q: Can I front-project onto a water screen?
A: The short answer is no. All water screens are rear-projection due to the unique nature of the screen. A water screen is a refractive-transmissive screen. An image is rear-projected through the screens' free-falling water droplets, refracted and transmitted through to the viewer. The Tsunami Water Screen can be up-lit or down-lit to highlight the screen for an elegant waterfall effect.

Cool Fact: Because imagery is rear-projection only, you can actually project totally different images through opposite sides of the same water screen!

Q: Can I use a water screen both indoors and outdoors?
A: The short answer to both is yes, under proper conditions. All falling water screens are created with water droplets free-falling through space. Because of the fine nature of the droplets produced by a Tsunami Water Screen, it is sensitive to air currents.

Q: How loud is the Tsunami Water Screen?
A: Our Splash & Sound Guard System maintains whisper quiet during operation.

Q: Should I rent or buy?
A: If you plan on using the water screen for just a single event, rent. If you plan on using your Tsunami Water Screen more than once, we recommend purchasing.

Q: Is wind a factor when using a water screen?
A: Yes, air currents above 5 mph (8kph) may cause the flow of water to fall outside the recycle basin.

Fun Fact: Normal indoor air currents cause a slight ripple effect in the falling water. This flowing curtain effect is one reason why water screens are often called a water curtain. You can also use a Tsunami Water Screen as an instantly switchable water curtain for dramatic reveals, just by turning the system On/Off.

Q: Is there any misting when using a water screen?
A: Yes, some of the very small water droplets will float in the air. Air currents will carry these tiny droplets in close proximity to the screen. However, 99.9999%+ of the water falls straight into the recycle basin under normal operating conditions.

Q: What is the image resolution and quality of the Tsunami Water Screen?
A: The Tsunami Water Screen is the highest-resolution water screen available. Image quality is determined by several factors; such as projection source brightness, viewing/projection angles, water screen droplet density, etc.

Q: What is the maximum width/height of a water screen?
A: Width is virtually unlimited. Screen height is generally limited to 25'-30' (8m-9m) for optimal image quality. Greater heights create separation in the droplet matrix due to the acceleration of gravity.

Q: How long does it take to set up?
A: About 2 person/hours per 12' (3.65m) width.

Q: How much does the Tsunami Water Screen weigh?
A: We've designed the entire Tsunami Water Screen system to be as lightweight and easy-to-use as possible, because we use our own system on a regular basis. The full running weight of each 4' (1.2m) nozzle section is just 14 lbs (6.3kg).

Q: Does the Tsunami Water Screen come with truss?
A: We offer a special starter truss system for the Tsunami 12. Larger screens require greater support (triangle/box truss, roof-supported pipe, etc.).

Q: Are road cases included?
A: Not at this time. We currently only offer the core equipment needed to create a water screen.

Q: Can I use a water screen against a wall?
A: Yes, but imagery is rear-projection only. You can rear-light the water screen for dramatic waterfall wall effects. We recommend a gap of at least 5' to allow for air currents and lighting.

Q: Does the Tsunami Water Screen re-use the same water?
A: Yes. Water is pumped from the recycle basin up to the nozzles, then drops back into the basin and is recirculated over-and-over again.

Q: Does the Tsunami Water Screen need a constant water supply?
A: No. Once the recycle basin is filled, water is constantly recycled. The pump is used to help drain the basin after use.

Q: Can I build a water screen myself?
You can try. Some of our best clients are smart people like yourself who attempted to build it themselves first. After much wasted time and money, they turn to Tsunami Water Screens for the most affordable (by a factor of 3x-5x), easy-to-use and high-resolution water screen available worldwide. Water screens are deceptively simple, but require knowledge of fluid dynamics to get it right. We've invested over a decade in research and development to bring you the best!

Product Note: We do offer our Tsunami Water Screen Nozzles for those who want to use their own pumps and basin. This is ideal for custom installations where the nozzle characteristics need to be customized to the application.

Q: How does the Tsunami Water Screen mount to truss?
A: The Tsunami Water Screen uses a C-clamp on an adjustable mount to accommodate any truss or pipe up to 2" (50mm) in diameter.



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Note: The Tsunami Water Screen™ is often called a water wall, water curtain, water scrim, rain curtain, h2o screen, etc.