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Everything you need for your own professional water screen system is included in this package. Complete, compact, fully-portable water screen core system includes: nozzles with adjustable clamps, filters, pump, hoses and recycle basin with splash & sound guard. Designed and refined over 10 years for fast set-up and ease-of-use. Start making money offering your clients the Tsunami Water Screen!

Tsunami 12 Core System - TSU12CS Technical Specifications:

Water Screen Size: 12'+/3.65m+ (W) x 0-20'/0-6m (H)
Hanging Weight: Appx: 100 lbs / 45kg
Dry/Travel Weight: 162 lbs. / 73.4kg
Basin Filled Weight: 70 lbs.sq.ft. / 342 kg sq m
Power: 115V@20A / 230V@10A
Operating Sound Level: Less than 40 dB

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Note: The Tsunami Water Screen™ is often called a water wall, water curtain, water scrim, rain curtain, h2o screen, etc.